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CW Drill are extremely capable drilling professionals

CW Drill has established a reputation for successfully completing drilling jobs in New Zealand.
For 20 years we have established ourselves as geotechnical drilling experts who specialise in projects with budgets between $500 and $150,000.

Experience has taught me that every single drilling project has its own set of unique challenges and our reputation has been built on consistently delivering 'customer-focused' results.

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Geotechnical drilling

Geotechnical Drilling (geotech) projects require specific and detailed information on sub-surface ground conditions prior to any development or building.

Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)
Push Tube Samples
Coring and Logging of Bores (using logging tools and survey camera)
Piezometer Installation
Inclinometer Installation
Cordless Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) Testing Unit (50 MPA unit with piezo cone)

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Environmental / Contaminated sites

Maintaining a high awareness of environmental issues is paramount on these projects. We are also proactive in taking steps to reduce the possibility of cross contamination, an essential and key element for valid test results.

Water Quality Sampling Wells
Soil Samples for Chemical Analysis
Piezometer Installation

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Construction drilling

Construction drilling primarily involves the installation of rock anchors and soil nailing. These are then used to retain or stabilise the surrounding landscape prior to building.

Drilling and Installing Rock Anchors / Soil Nailing
Seismograph Installation
Specialist Construction Drilling Equipment
Portable Hydro 200 Soil Nailing Drill Rig
Versatile Hitachi EX60 Multi-Drill Rig

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Helicopter assisted drilling projects

With a specifically designed diamond drilling rig we can now access previously unreachable drilling sites.

Purpose Built Helicopter Capable Drilling Rig - QM750 Drill Rig
Isolated & hard to access locations
Multiple Drilling Capabilities
Capacity to 750 metres HQ

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Mining / Exploratory drilling

We have established a valuable reputation in this sector of the drilling industry. This is particularly true within the coal and gold exploration areas.

Coal Exploration
Ore Body Exploration
Coal Seam Gas Exploration
Specific Geotechnical Drilling

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Waterbore drilling

Originally the cornerstone of our drilling operations. We now have extensive knowledge of the water table and aquifers throughout the entire Tasman region.

Extensive Local Knowledge - Includes Water Table & Aquifers
Production, irrigation & Sub-Division Waterbores
Domestic Waterbores
From 10 metre to over 500 metre Waterbores

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